Rural Lifestyle

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We’ll help you reach this booming, 46-million-strong market segment.

Hobby farmers. Rural lifestylers. Sundowners. Whatever you call this growing market segment, don’t underestimate their incredible buying power. They choose brands that help them pursue their passion for living “out here”—everything from tractors and pole barns to fencing and feed. And we know exactly how and where to find them.

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Paulsen Is

Turning an unknown tractor brand into a $3 billion market leader.

Successfully launching a new utility vehicle in a crowded competitive field.

Defining the customer journey for a post and beam barn home manufacturer.

Launching a complete line of rural lifestyle-focused livestock and poultry feed.

Increasing market share for a challenger brand of fencing products.

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Elevating Brand Identity Following a Merger


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Selling a Product by Telling a Story

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