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Social media doesn’t just allow businesses to connect to their customers but allows customers to connect with businesses in a light-hearted, fun way.


Challenger Brand Looks to Boost Awareness

“Better Together.”
Bekaert’s positioning line is a simple phrase that packs a powerful punch. However, in an increasingly technologically based society, “Better Together” doesn’t just mean together in person. As more and more engagement moves online, it’s vital for brands like Bekaert to have a strong presence on social media.

However, despite being a global company with nearly 29,000 employees worldwide, Bekaert struggled with brand awareness among its target audience, especially when compared to competitors. So, Bekaert was eager to use social media to boost brand awareness and connect with rural audiences in order to become more competitive.


Making Connections

An effective social media campaign will not only boost brand awareness but can develop long-lasting brand loyalty.

Bekaert approached Paulsen to develop a Facebook campaign with the primary goal of boosting engagement through comments and shares, with a secondary goal of bolstering reach and impressions.

Enter the #AniMemes campaign. First, Paulsen created a series of posts inviting viewers to comment with a suggested caption on each image. The Bekaert team would then choose one winning caption and award the winner $100. The winning caption was then used by Paulsen to create a meme with the original photo.


Getting Social

The nature of the contest encouraged comments and interaction. After all, who can resist a picture of an adorable baby goat?

Throughout the course of the campaign, Bekaert’s Facebook page gained a total of 279 page likes.

The posts had a total reach of 280,185 unique users.

The contest post boasted a total of 469 shares and 606 comments, and the winning meme posts received a total of 129 shares and 29 comments for a total of 598 total shares and 635 comments.