Lee Ann Wesley knows from experience that in a marching band if one player is out of step, the entire routine can fall apart. As Paulsen’s new Creative Services Manager, Lee Ann keeps account service and creative demands marching on time and in tune to meet client needs.

She joined Paulsen after graduating from Northwest Missouri State where she played clarinet in the marching band for four years while studying strategic advertising. “It was great to be a part of something where you’re there to have fun and everyone has the same purpose,” she said.

Lee Ann was drawn to the people and purpose of Paulsen after graduation.

“In my role, I’m talking to almost everyone on the team to manage projects and leading our daily huddle,” she said. “But it’s a small enough team that I get to have those fun, personal conversations, too.”

“I didn’t grow up on a farm and Council Bluffs isn’t super rural, but my Dad works in the agronomy industry, so it’s fun to have a job where I can connect those conversations we’ve had about his job,” noted Lee Ann.

In her role, Lee Ann reviews and proofreads every client’s creative work for quality assurance. Paulsen clients are in good hands because Lee Ann said that in her free time, she does a lot of reading and ‘I get a little thrill if I find an error in one of my books.’

“Lee Ann’s attention to detail and her clear desire to make meaningful connections with her teammates are why she belongs on the Paulsen team,” said Marcus Squier, President of Paulsen.

As a new Sioux Falls resident, she’s been enjoying exploring the city, shops and entertainment options but misses her one-year-old niece and nephew whose pictures adorn her office walls.

The Paulsen team is glad to have Lee Ann orchestrating Paulsen’s work to ensure timely and harmonious delivery of client needs and bringing her personal touch and attention to detail to every project.