If you’re looking for an agency client service coordinator to join your ag olympics team, Zac Heumiller is a gold medalist option. His resume includes installing miles of field drain tile, vaccinating baby calves, picking rocks out of black South Dakota soil, and now account service at Paulsen.

“I grew up on the farm,” said Zac. “I was my Grandpa's right-hand man ever since I was able to ride on the armrest of his old two-tone Ford pickup.”

While a role on the family farm wasn't in the cards, Zac worked for a livestock and row crop operation after high school. After 12 years, he was looking for a career change. He enrolled in sales and marketing courses at Southeast Technical College and fell in love with advertising and branding.

“From there, I worked for a small marketing agency in Columbia, Mo. with a focus on communicating about state government programs,” he said.

“But now, being at Paulsen it’s awesome. I get to get back into ag and talk to farmers again,” he said. “I’m excited to help ag businesses reach their goals the best that I can. I want to be doing things that help their business for tomorrow.”

“Zac’s agency experience, agriculture know-how, and work ethic made him an easy addition for our client services team,” said Marcus Squier, President of Paulsen. “We are grateful to have Zac as an integral part of our client-facing team.”

While he doesn’t get as dirty in his new role as he did laying field tile, he has a bit more free time to enjoy.

“I love to golf,” said Zac, who played every month of the year last year in Missouri’s temperate climate. “I also love to pheasant hunt; I’m thinking about getting another hunting dog.”