“As soon as I walked in the door for my interview, I said to myself, ‘I have to work here. The people, the ambiance, the vibe of the team made me feel like this is where I belonged,’” she said.

Meghan joined Paulsen’s creative services team after more than a decade as a client-side designer and freelancer and is excited to be back in agriculture.

“I grew up with my parents living on my grandparents’ farm,” she said. “I showed horses and pigs and was always around farming. Coming to work at Paulsen felt like coming home.”

In her role, Meghan is working with a variety of clients from dairy checkoffs to electric coops. She notes that while each business has their own design standards and guidelines, having those parameters to work within is actually empowering. She also has a newfound respect for getting a lot of opinions for design projects.

“Working at an agency with a collaborative team with so many different ideas on what direction a project can take has elevated my design work already,” Meghan said.

“Our team at Paulsen is continually pushing to offer bigger and better ideas for our clients,” said Jake Zastrow, Creative Services Director at Paulsen. “Meghan immediately jumped in and started making an impact. It’s just awesome to have her on our team.”

It’s not just her creative work; there's something else that sets her apart – her infectious energy.

Meghan’s can-do attitude starts with her 4 a.m. alarm and her daily trip to the gym. She needs all the energy she can get as a mom of four active kids.

Her daughter is almost 20 and in the healthcare industry; her stepson is 11, her son is 9, and her stepdaughter is 7.

“The boys are big into sports and the youngest is into dance, so there’s always something going on.”

Whether she's tackling a new project, wrangling her four kids, or terrorizing her boyfriend with horror movies, Meghan brings an unparalleled enthusiasm to everything she does and our Paulsen team is grateful for her!