For Joe Hoelker, working at Paulsen isn’t just somewhere he goes between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.; it’s a daily adventure he enjoys showing up to. He thrives on the challenge of turning raw data into impactful campaigns.

With an eye for detail and an analytical mindset, Joe is a natural fit as a digital operations media specialist at Paulsen. “I enjoy the atmosphere of being at an agency,” said Joe. He enjoys fast-paced projects, with a variety of clientele to work with.

In his role at Paulsen, Joe uses his technical prowess and attention to detail to execute and optimize digital campaigns and provide reporting and analysis to continually improve our paid media efforts. He ensures efficient channel management, timely media placement, and staying within the client's budget. Additionally, he supports research, forecasting, and the development of new campaigns.

Despite being new to a marketing agency, Joe is quickly proving himself a valuable asset to the Paulsenite team. His dedication and hard work are evident in every project he takes on.

“Joe is a wonderful addition to our media team,” says Paulsen Chief Technology Officer Sara Steever. “He understands the best way to approach individual platforms under the umbrella of media strategy and pays attention to the details needed to optimize campaigns for our clients.”

Joe grew up on a farming operation for the first part of his life and commends his father for passing on his “rural ag” mindset, which excited him about Paulsen.

From an early age, Joe’s parents taught him how hard work and dedication can be incredibly rewarding. Although his family stepped away from farming when he was young, he continued to believe in the hard work. According to Joe, his previous experiences instilled the attitude and drive to stick with the tough tasks until the job is done, which he has tried to portray at Paulsen since starting.

Joe graduated from the University of South Dakota with a bachelor of arts in contemporary media and journalism.

For Joe, it’s not just the job that excites him about coming to work each day. It’s also the people at Paulsen and the culture created through the work environment. "Everyone is so kind, and I just enjoy showing up and delivering as good of work as I can.”