Sheila Rozeboom has seamlessly transitioned into her new role as accounts payable specialist at Paulsen, thanks to a recommendation from a long-time friend, Paulsen’s Chief Financial Officer, Jane Harms.

With her extensive human resources experience and bachelor's degree in business administration from Bellevue University, Sheila is transitioning quickly from Smithfield Foods' bustling corporate environment to Paulsen, a much smaller company. She is excited to enjoy the quiet and to use her strong communication skills to develop meaningful relationships with members of the Paulsen team.

Through her position at Paulsen, she can use skills she learned in her previous role in accounting work, inputting accounts payable invoices, check runs, and logging client receipts. Although she uses skills she learned at Smithfield, Sheila has loved the opportunity to use this new position with Paulsen to continue learning and taking on more responsibility in the finance department.

Sheila’s goal at Paulsen isn’t just about her professional growth; it’s also about supporting her supervisor, Jane. She hopes to help take work off her plate so that Jane can take some time off without worrying about what needs to be done.

“Sheila is an amazing asset to our team,” says Jane. “She has impressed me with how quickly she picks up things. She goes above and beyond what I expected out of the position.”

When Sheila is not at work, she enjoys loading up her motorhome and heading to any National Park to spend much-needed time outside and away from a television. She also enjoys going on hikes and reading outside.

Her love of nature stemmed from her upbringing in Rock Valley, Iowa, where agriculture constantly surrounded her.

Sheila is excited to contribute her skills to a smaller company like Paulsen. With her outgoing personality and commitment to teamwork, Sheila makes a good fit for the Paulsen team.