For Bryan Middleton, high-quality video production isn’t just about capturing great footage and doing strong post-production work. Ultimately it’s about telling a compelling story through film.

“A lot of people are into the latest technology and effects, and that’s great,” says Bryan, who began working at Paulsen as Audio/Visual Specialist last month. “But what I really enjoy is storytelling.”

That’s not to say Bryan isn’t well versed in the technical aspects of videography.

His career spans twenty years in the industry and includes positions with South Dakota Public Broadcasting and, most recently, Media One. During that time, he’s taken on the roles of shooting film, post-production editing and directing—sometimes all within the same project.

But what he has really grown to love along the way—and the thing he’s perhaps most excited about in his new role at Paulsen—is the opportunity to tell a good story.

Bryan’s journey into film production started at a young age. “My dad always had a camera,” he recalls, describing his father documenting most childhood milestones with a box-style, on-the-shoulder video camera that recorded directly onto VHS tapes. “He was definitely one of those early adopters.”

As Bryan grew older, he began filming skate videos with his friends. He ultimately never looked back, later studying mass communications at the University of South Dakota and then planting himself firmly within the industry following graduation.

“Our clients know how important video is as a visual medium for advertising and creating quality web content,” says Mike Dowling, VP, Creative Services. “Having someone as gifted and experienced as Bryan available to produce videos in-house is a tremendous asset we can offer to the brands we work with.”

Outside of work, Bryan enjoys spending time with his family and doing outdoor activities, including hiking through the Black Hills. He and his wife have three children and live in Sioux Falls.