January is famous for New Year’s resolutions—those pesky promises we make to ourselves and to each other to accomplish things that have been put off far too long.

If you’re like most people, you ring in the new year with a vow to do something about those situations that continue to nag at you in the back of your mind. Some you’ve brought forward year after year.

Until now, when you vow, “This is the year!”

This is the year!

  • I’ll lose 20 pounds.
  • I’ll eat healthier.
  • I’ll pay off those credit cards.
  • I’ll get that junk hauled out of the basement.
  • I’ll get a complete physical exam.
  • I’ll be more patient and understanding.
  • I’ll grow that savings account and invest more for the future.
  • I’ll express more gratitude and appreciation to my family and co-workers.

You get the picture, and I’m sure you have several of your own promises for “This is the year!”

Likewise in business, there are long lists of “This is the year!”

Recently I’ve had numerous conversations with current and prospective agency clients that have expressed a need and desire to accomplish a long list of marketing tasks that have been put off over the past three years.

Yes, the ag economy has created a headwind in growing sales and market share. There’s a certain level of uncertainty about what the next 24 months have in store for ag marketers. But many agribusinesses have concluded it’s time to take a hard look at their marketing programs and determine whether there are new and better ways to grow their businesses.

So, ag marketing professionals, ask yourself, “Is this the year?”

Is this the year…

  • You redesign your five-year-old (or older) website to utilize the latest tools and technology?
  • You update that customer and prospect database with fresh, new information?
  • You refresh your brand with an updated logo and new positioning line?
  • You research marketing automation to determine how it can generate more leads?
  • You conduct that customer satisfaction survey you’ve put off way too long?
  • You give serious consideration to content marketing and how it works to drive leads?
  • You carefully analyze your media plan to determine what’s working and what’s not?
  • You take a disciplined approach to analytics?

If this is indeed “the year,” there’s no better time than right now to establish priorities and take the first steps toward accomplishing your marketing goals for 2017.