The American pecan industry is poised for new market growth, and Paulsen is helping them spread the word.

Paulsen is working with the American Pecan Promotion Board (APPB) and American Pecan Council (APC) on grower-facing communications, public relations and paid marketing. APPB and APC have brought individuals and companies along the pecan industry value chain together to work toward a common goal of growing the industry by taking advantage of pecan’s flavor, health benefits and status as America’s only native tree nut.

Paulsen has been helping businesses and organizations in agriculture and rural living for 73 years, but this is its first time working with the pecan industry.

“It has been rewarding to apply what we know about agriculture and grower communications while learning about a new industry,” said Marcus Squier, Paulsen's CEO. “American pecans are a great product. Expect to be hearing more about them in the coming months as this campaign takes off.”

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