At Paulsen, we understand the growing role digital plays in creating successful marketing strategies for our clients. That is why we are proud to announce the addition of two digital marketing ops specialists to our team: Naylah Johnson (left) and Kaelyn Johnson (right).

The duo will work together to manage and traffic all digital creative assets, create digital ad campaigns, monitor and build campaign reports, and more. Since their arrival, Naylah and Kaelyn have hit the ground running using strong teamwork to create, launch and monitor campaigns for Paulsen’s clients.

“We’re thrilled to have Naylah and Kaelyn here,” says Sara Steever, Paulsen Chief Technology Officer. “Their strengths and passions play well off each other, making them a strong duo. As our digital marketing needs continue to grow, they are going to be valuable assets to our clients.”

Naylah is a University of South Dakota graduate with a bachelor's degree in media and journalism. She is from a small town, which helps her connect to the rural American audiences Paulsen targets. And she really loves the analytical side of digital marketing.

“I’m all about the metrics,” Naylah says. “It’s cool seeing what moves the target audiences are making. What ads they are clicking on the most and if it led to a click-through purchase. It’s fascinating.”

This spring, Kaelyn graduated from Augustana University as a triple major. Her degrees are in business and communications, sports management and media studies. She came to Paulsen eager to start her career and learn all things digital.

“I’m enjoying the process of seeing a campaign from start to finish,” says Kaelyn. “It’s neat that we impact people across the country while also being able to create these extremely targeted campaigns. I’m looking forward to learning more and growing in this area of marketing.”

Outside of work, you’ll find Naylah playing video games or walking her black lab named Blue while Kaelyn soaks up the sunshine at her family’s cabin in Okoboji.