April 1 marks 25 years at Paulsen for Mike Dowling, VP, creative services.

Mike joined Paulsen after starting his career at Modern Press and Panther Graphics. As art departments migrated to ad agencies, Mike saw that his skill set better fit in an agency, and Thane Paulsen brought him on board in 1991.

“It’s been a good place to work,” Mike says. “I like the people, and being part of a team with purpose and vision.”

When the art world made its massive shift to computers, Mike was excited and “chomping at the bit” to try Photoshop. As an illustrator, he found that digital tools gave him additional options.

Mike still enjoys illustration, building images in Photoshop, concepting and taking ideas from start to finish.

Although Mike works most of the time, in his spare time he does little things like setting records in powerlifting, coaching Special Olympics, volunteering for Boy Scouts, playing drums and being a grandpa.