After becoming a principal in July 2014, Marcus took on his current role of Vice President of Client Services, where he spends his days overseeing client relationships, managing the account service team and ensuring the agency is always learning and growing.

“It is a privilege to work alongside Marcus for the last 15 years,” says Paulsen President Sara Steever. “He brings intelligence and energy to everything he does, whether it be leading strategy for a client or for marketing the agency as a whole. He's also got a great sense of where the industry is going. He is truly an asset to all of us at Paulsen!”

Reflecting back on the last decade and a half, Marcus says, “I’m incredibly honored and humbled by the past 15 years. I’m grateful to Thane Paulsen and the leadership team for the opportunity of a lifetime that has brought me great pride in the hard work and accomplishments of the past 15 years. When I think of what Paulsen stands for, it’s hard work, dedication, blessing and gratitude.”

While Marcus is highly experienced in providing exemplary client service, “learning the importance of trust in relationships” has been his greatest lesson over the past 15 years. “We’ve gotten to do some really cool stuff for our clients because they trust us.”

For Marcus, these past 15 years are just the beginning. “I look forward to the next 15!” he says.