Thanks to Facebook Live, brands have a new video tool that’s changing the way we, as marketers, prepare for video content.

Agency Insights

At Paulsen, an agri-marketing agency, we’ve already started to execute Live in client work.

As one example, we recently helped our friends at Alltech with a Facebook Live broadcast from the RFD-TV set, which has received more than 1.3K views as of this post.

We’ve had a good experience working with Live since it launched, and we’d like to share some insights and recommendations with you!

The Basics

Facebook Live allows users (people and pages) to share live video with followers on Facebook. The new feature has opened the door to more instant communication, deeper levels of engagement and endless opportunities to get creative in sharing your brand’s story.

Explore and you’ll see Live stories from the likes of Jane Goodall, Martha Stewart and BuzzFeed—proving that going Live is for everyone.

As a marketing tool, Facebook Live is a cost-effective way to produce video and receive instant analytics.

Engagement happens while you live stream and continues as your video is then available for others to watch later.

With today’s smartphone and tablet cameras continuously improving, video quality is no longer a top concern (provided you have a newer device).

And the nervousness previously associated with live streaming is less of a PR hazard as this type of content integrates into the “normal” way people consume social media.

Before You Go Live…


If Facebook Live is something you plan on frequently using for your brand, you may consider some convenient equipment. At Paulsen, we’ve invested in a few of these cases. They make holding your phone or tablet a little easier and help steady the camera among other things. While definitely not required, we’ve found products like these, as well as external microphones and extra lenses, are helpful enough to consider working into your marketing budget.


Users who follow you will receive a notification the moment you go live, but you’ll see a better response if you give them a heads up. If you’re planning on going live, write a post about it ahead of time—or a few posts! Let your audience know the details behind what’s to come.

Confirm your connection.

Before you get ready to broadcast, be aware of your Internet source. It’s best to use Wi-Fi instead of your data. Users will disengage if the video is cutting in and out, so always try to have a stable streaming source.

Test run.

Do a quick test run on your device ahead of time to check the lighting and sound. Will your followers be able to hear you? Can they see you? It’s better to test those things before going live. Remember to look at the big picture; maybe the lighting isn’t the greatest—don’t call off a good broadcast because it’s dimmer than you would normally accept for a full-blown video production.

To test, simply hit “go live” and change the privacy setting to “only me.” This will allow you to test your live session so only you can see it.

Write a clear and catchy description.

This is what users will see when they tune into your broadcast. Make it quick and intriguing to get more people to click through.

While You're Live…

Be aware of time.

It can take some time to build a following on a single broadcast, so give users some time to jump on before you start the show—but not too much time! We’re talking a minute or two. And keep the show going. Facebook recommends you broadcast for at least 10 minutes total. Don’t get too hung up on timeframes though, priority number one is remaining interesting. Once you are done delivering your message or sharing an experience, throw in a call to action and give a friendly sign off.

Invite friends.

At the start of your broadcast, as your audience builds, click the button to invite friends and add a few names. They may have received a notification when you went live (if they follow you), but it doesn’t hurt to personally invite them!


Let everyone know you’re listening! Ask questions, respond to comments, call out specific audience members—Facebook Live is the most direct and personal connection you can make with your followers, so don’t forget about them while you’re in the live zone.

If someone else is recording the Live broadcast, be sure they are tracking questions and comments. Have them write down the interesting ones and hand them to you.

Be prepared.

Hopefully, you won’t ever need to, but if you need to block a follower, simply click on their photo and hit "block." This will prevent them from engaging further.

Post for later.

When you are finished, don’t forget to post your video for replay so that those who missed it can tune in later. In most cases, you’ll get more views on your archived “live” video than you had while you were actually recording.

Whether you’re just getting started on social media or looking to get more out of it, Paulsen can help. Give us a call at 605-336-1745 or email us at today.