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Creating an annual meeting that engages and inspires dairy leaders

Enhancing The Experience

To enhance the attendee experience and increase engagement for Dairy Management Inc (DMI) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) Joint Annual Meeting, as well as gather valuable feedback and insights on overall sentiment.

Fostering Collaboration

With a diverse group of 750 stakeholders, including dairy farmers, industry executives, and cooperative leaders, Dairy Management Inc. sought to foster a collaborative environment to discuss key issues while also ensuring active participation and gathering useful attendee feedback.

Rewarding Interactions

Paulsen crafted a multi-faceted strategy to engage attendees of the Joint Annual Meeting. The cornerstone was the deployment of a custom event app designed to incentivize usage through a unique rewards system. Attendees were encouraged to download and interact with the app to receive a variety of dairy-themed promotional items. This included:

    Fun Rewards:

    Customized merchandise such as dairy-themed t-shirts, ball caps, and innovative luggage laser-printed tags fashioned from cattle ear tags. These rewards were linked to the degree of engagement with the app, particularly focusing on completing in-app surveys.

      Unified Branding:

      Paulsen introduced the "Expanding Dairy's Future" branding concept, which permeated all aspects of the event. The cohesive design elements were visible across various platforms, from pre-event communications such as invitations and the event landing page, to on-site materials like stage design, video elements, directional signage, and program guides.

      Engagement Tools:

      A series of interactive features within the app, designed to promote attendee participation and to gather real-time feedback throughout the conference.

      The Best Meeting Yet

      The campaign was met with resounding success, evidenced by enthusiastic anecdotal feedback from attendees, who praised the meeting as the "best yet" and expressed appreciation for the opportunity to provide input.