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It’s easy to get so caught up in the details and specs of the product or service your brand is selling that you forget the importance of telling your story.

It’s Easy To Talk About A Product Or Service. Telling A (Good) Story Can Be A Bit More Complicated.

Great Plains has been manufacturing quality farming equipment since 1976, and the company has built a fair amount of brand equity along the way.

Like most manufacturers and retailers in the ag space, however, their messaging has generally focused on specs and functionality. Capacity. Transport dimensions. Operating speed. Compatibility.

This product information is absolutely essential. But Great Plains also knew that at the end of the day, they needed to tell a compelling story to drive customers into action.

They approached our team to revisit their messaging and develop a stronger, more cohesive narrative. And, as it turned out, a brand video proved to be an excellent place to start.


How Does Your Product Or Service Help Customers?

A good brand story revolves around showing how your products or services address a particular set of challenges your customers face.

What problem(s) does it solve? How will it make your customer’s life easier, or more productive, or better? What distinguishes your delivery model from competitors? Why should they trust you more than the next guy or gal?

Because we were tasked with developing an overarching brand video, we weren’t going to get into specific products, much less product features.

Instead, we wanted to ask the aforementioned questions and determine what market need Great Plains actually filled.

The tagline for Great Plains, “Harvest Starts Here,” references harvest, but the company doesn’t actually sell combines or harvest equipment. Their brand narrative has to do with everything that leads up to harvest—preparing the seedbed, putting seed in the ground, soil management, growing cover crops, etc.—and the ag solutions they provide.

That key insight served as the groundwork for the brand video and messaging we’d then develop.


A Strong, Compelling Narrative From Beginning To End.

The brand video we produced begins by addressing all of the details that go into a strong, productive crop year.

Images of Great Plains equipment at work flash across the screen, and the viewer is introduced at a high level to the solutions provided by the brand: soil management, seeding, fertilizer applications and more.

The video then highlights the generations of knowledge and experience Great Plains brings to the industry and the staunch commitment to growers who use their equipment.