There were no advertising agencies in South Dakota 65 years ago. In 1951, Maurice Paulsen changed that when he founded Paulsen Advertising.

Over the years, our agency has grown and evolved, serving a diverse range of clients from Terrace Park Dairy and Iseman Mobile Homes to Kubota Tractor Corporation and South Dakota Corn.

Paulsen today is one of the leading ag agencies in the United States, and we are celebrating this significant anniversary in ways that would make our founder proud by giving back to the community and the industry. In this anniversary year, we have contributed time and talent to local and regional organizations and have provided digital expertise and leadership to the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA).

“When my father started Paulsen Advertising, it was a different world,” Paulsen CEO Thane Paulsen says. “He’d be amazed at the digital world that we thrive in, and excited about what our future holds. But the ethics and commitment to quality and service that began with him remain strong today.”

This month we will be posting historical notes about Paulsen on our social media channels, as well as hosting an employee celebration and other in-house promotions celebrating the history of Paulsen and the uniqueness of our Paulsen staff.

“The remarkable history of growth and evolution of advertising and marketing in South Dakota can be traced, throughout the decades, through Paulsen,” Sara Steever, Paulsen president, says. “We’re very proud to celebrate this anniversary with all our clients, past and present, and all the people who have been associated with the agency through the years. It’s a legacy we never take for granted and are committed to continuing to build upon.”

The future for the Paulsen legacy is bright, with a greater emphasis on strategic marketing and interactive development that includes design and development, hosting and maintenance of websites, apps and other digital solutions. Paulsen’s expertise in market research, brand activation, e-commerce, social media, behavioral targeting and database development continues to evolve as we look forward to the next 65 years.