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While a prominent player in the pork industry, Seaboard Triumph Foods’ (STF) leadership team requested help articulating its mission, vision, and values consistently to multiple shifts, across multiple mediums and in multiple languages.

Creating Alignment Company Wide

The STF team wanted to align messaging with the company's goals while assisting leaders in handling tough conversations, such as labor issues or employee performance.

Leadership Message Training

Paulsen’s message training was led by Director of Public Relations and 20-year veteran, Matt Merritt. Merritt’s message training sessions were individualized for STF, as for each client, and designed to help clients communicate whether their audience is a TV reporter, a journalist, or an internal employee team.

STF’s message training included:

  • Bridging Techniques and Approach Adaptation:Strategies on how to bridge conversations and when to adapt approaches, empowering participants to navigate diverse communication situations effectively.
  • Handling Tough Conversations: Techniques for handling tough internal questions, such as labor issues or meeting milestones. The company's mission, vision, and values were the focal point for all discussions.
  • Media Training: Participants were trained on how to frame interactions with the media, ensuring that messages remained aligned with the company's objectives.
  • Delivery and Presentation: Emphasis was placed on the delivery and presentation of messages, including controlling the conversation, handling tough questions, and knowing when to say "no comment" or "I don't know".

The session also included one-on-one practice interviews conducted to simulate tough discussions with both internal staff and reporters. Merritt provided individual feedback for each participant in a one-on-one session following training.

Engaged Participation

Merritt facilitated the session for 15 mid- and executive-level leaders who interacted and were engaged throughout the training. STF leaders said they felt more comfortable handling tough discussions following the session.

Most importantly, participants reported gaining a new perspective on framing interactions around the company's mission, vision, and values to help ensure all employees understood the company’s direction and their “why.”