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Rural electric cooperatives don't just power our way of life — they power possibilities, both today and tomorrow.

Flipping the switch on a new brand campaign

After running a successful brand effort for several years, it became clear to co-op leadership that it was time to flip the switch on a new campaign. East River Electric wanted to demonstrate its progressive, reliable approach to meeting the energy needs of more than 250,000 member-owners within its service area, including farm operations, homes, schools and businesses.

Our team built a concept around the theme of Powering Possibilities, using a graphic representation of power lines in the creative execution to drive this notion home. And while Powering Possibilities anchors the campaign, we swapped out Possibilities for other more tangible outcomes to show the many different ways East River Electric makes an impact throughout its service area.

An emotional connection that's electric

We produced 60-, 30- and 15-second video spots for digital and social media to highlight East River Electric's strong track record of reliability, its diverse energy portfolio and more. But beyond that, these videos elicit an emotional response, depicting the way of life — and future possibilities — that are powered by rural cooperatives each and every day.

Knowledge is power

In addition to providing reliable, cost-effective power, East River Electric also educates customers on concepts such as power line safety, staggering appliance use and increasing energy efficiency. Our work includes developing a quarterly content package — a robust assortment of print, digital, video, radio and long-form content — using that Powering Possibilities design framework to address key topics. These content packages are utilized both by East River Electric and shared with its network of power distribution cooperatives using our digital asset management tool, Brand Traction.