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Sylvia Wolters, Pipestone Holdings

Sylvia Wolters, director of public relations of Pipestone Holdings, grew up on a family farm in western Washington and graduated with a degree in animal science from Washington State University. Wolters has been involved in pig farm ownership, management and veterinary service management for 20 years. She talks to podcast host Sara Steever about her respect for the land and animals, her views on agriculture and what she’s learned about finding success.

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After graduating from Washington State University with a degree in animal science, Wolters and her husband began raising pigs in the Midwest. She became a small business owner (retail grocery, hometown café and catering) while living on a pig farm in South Dakota for 12 years. At Pipestone Holdings, located in Pipestone, Minn., Wolters is involved in pig farm ownership, management and veterinary service management. She is passionate about agriculture and has spent the last three years focusing on sharing 35 years of that passion with others. Wolters is an avid wilderness enthusiast who enjoys skiing, backpacking, kayaking, camping, hunting and fishing.

“I would like to influence how people connect with their sustenance, which is their food, and have them feel good about it. We need to find the common ground between the people who are growing the food and the consumer.”

Sylvia Wolters

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