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Pam Dincher, Doebler’s Hybrids

Doebler’s Hybrids Marketing Manager Pam Dincher is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategy, which includes digital strategy and meaningful customer experiences. Dincher spent 10 years at a software company before joining Doebler’s. In this episode of Spark, Dincher discusses how she moved from pre-med to ag marketing and what she discovered along the way.

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Although Dincher is currently marketing manager for Doebler’s, a seed brand serving 14 states in the eastern U.S., Dincher did not grow up on a farm. “I was one of those people who from very early on knew exactly what I wanted to be. And I was going to be a doctor,” she says. Dincher started college at Kennesaw State University in pre-med but changed her mind along the way and graduated with a degree in marketing. She joined a software company, eventually becoming a marketing manager and product manager, and joined Doebler’s in 2014. When she’s not working, Dincher is typically involved in a DIY home project or traveling with her husband and two children.

“When I look back at what I really love about what I do, it’s being in a space where change occurs often.”

Pam Dincher

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