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Liz Hughey, Blue Creek Cattle Company

As a rancher, grazing manager, author and mother, Liz Hughey leads a busy and fulfilling life. She and Sara Steever discuss how her career path evolved from serving as a backcountry guide and packer in the Rockies to her current occupation.

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After majoring in geography at Indiana University, Hughey became a trail guide, mule packer and horse guide in northwest Colorado for six years. Today she works as grazing manager at her family’s ranch in Indiana, where she wrangles her 5-year-old son, two dogs, two cats, two mules, four horses, a flock of chickens and a herd of grass-fed Red Angus cattle. Hughey has published four children’s books about horses and mule packing, including Barney the Lopsided Mule. She hopes to inspire children to think actively about livestock, environmental stewardship and the full circle of life.

“One small action by one person can affect the world around you and the world as a whole.”

Liz Hughey

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