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Gail Miller, Grossman Software Solutions

President of Grossman Software Solutions Gail Miller was inspired to pursue science and math by her mother, who was a chemist in a time when few women went to college and even fewer became scientists. She shares the story of her career and discusses what she’s learned about leadership and success.

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Education was instilled in Gail Miller and her siblings throughout her childhood. Her mother was a scientist, and Miller followed in her footsteps, earning a bachelor’s degree in math and computer science from the University of Illinois. Miller began her career as a systems analyst at Continental Bank and joined IBM in 1993. Miller started at Grossman 1996 as a product manager and was named president in 2018. She credits trust from leadership and great team relationships with helping her, and the company, succeed. Miller advises young people to be hopeful, curious and to enjoy each and every day.

“My parents gave me such a great love of science and math early on.”

Gail Miller

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