Paulsen recently promoted veteran designer Ryan Velgersdyk to the role of art director.

“The work Ryan does for the creative team is extraordinary,” says Mike Dowling, VP, Creative Services. “He has developed such a deep knowledge and understanding of our clients, and he is gifted at using design to bring their messages to life.”

When Ryan started at Paulsen in 2013, his focus was primarily on front-end web development and digital design. Today his role covers a much broader spectrum, from brand development to creating web assets to producing materials for print and digital advertising. He likes the variety this brings to his day-to-day work.

“Design is design, whether it’s for print or digital,” Ryan says. “You have to keep the medium in mind, but the same rules apply.”

One thing Ryan has learned is how much he enjoys brand work — a sentiment reinforced most recently during an internal rebranding campaign for the agency itself.

"It's a different way to communicate," he says. "You have to project a brand's personality and evoke certain emotions using a single word or mark. That's what makes it so interesting."

Beyond design work, Ryan says he values the sense of community he has encountered at Paulsen. “They care about their employees,” he says. “I appreciate that we’re a really good team and step up for each other.”

Ryan earned a BS in graphic design from South Dakota State University and has built a well-rounded portfolio of visual content.