Derek Harsch has worn a lot of hats throughout his life. Small business owner. Social media influencer. Rockstar. And now, he’s donning the cap of Paulsen’s newest digital media specialist.

“I’m super grateful for the opportunity to take on this role,” Derek says. “I’ve worked with small companies, creating ads and doing their SEO and SEM, growing their accounts and overseeing their social media. But this is a whole new playing field. Paulsen is doing a fantastic job working with these large companies and complex systems. I’m so excited to get to play a part in that.”

“We’re thrilled to have Derek on board,” says Sara Steever, Paulsen President. “His passion and vision were evident from the moment he arrived. I’m excited to see him apply that to bring our clients’ stories to light in new and creative ways.”

In his first few weeks, Derek is already putting his visionary nature to use. “I'm always looking forward. I’ve already begun thinking of ways we can be even more efficient.”

Derek has also been impressed by the teamwork he’s seen since coming aboard. “It's really cool to see how the team comes together. If someone is sick or out, the ball never gets dropped. Everyone is quick to run and help. The quality of people here is second to none.”

While his rockstar days are over, Derek still enjoys playing music as well as spending time outdoors with his wife and two young children. He is currently the youngest member of the South Dakota License Plate Collectors Club. (Don’t worry, we didn’t know it was a thing, either.)