We’re thrilled to welcome the newest member of our technology team: Shelbie Walker, Media Coordinator.

Prior to joining Paulsen, Shelbie was with Scheels and Digital Community Holdings honing her skills in social media, digital marketing and more. She is a passionate learner who loves discovering new ways to excel in the digital realm.

“Shelbie is a great addition to our team for several reasons,” said Sara Steever, Chief Technology Officer. “She has great critical thinking skills, she fits our culture of continuous learning and she understands how to dovetail digital strategy and tactics into the bigger media and marketing picture for our clients.”

“I’m super excited to be at Paulsen,” Shelbie said. “Since going to college for marketing, my goal has always been to work for a marketing agency. Paulsen seems like the perfect place to continue learning about the digital world.”

Shelbie graduated from the University of South Dakota with a Bachelor’s in Marketing. You can find her in her free time enjoying walks with her dogs, spending time with family and practicing hot yoga.