We love having interns.

We love having interns come back to work for us full-time even more. Kelsey spent the summer of 2020 with us as a graphic design intern. She left a lasting impact, so we’re excited to welcome her back into the folds full time!

“Kelsey created some absolutely stunning work for us as an intern last summer,” says Mike Dowling, VP, Creative Services. “We’re thrilled to officially have her on board full-time.”

Kelsey says she’s excited to dive back into client work, as well. “I’m thankful for my time as an intern here. Paulsen really takes time to get to know their clients’ ins-and-outs, so I have a leg up in that respect having spent all last summer here.”

Kelsey is a dedicated artist with an eye for what matters. “I love incorporating the human element into my work. I almost got a minor in speech communication, because I’m really interested in how communication and art go hand-in-hand to tell stories that make a difference,” she says.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Kelsey moved to South Dakota in 2017 to be closer to family. She attended South Dakota State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design with a minor in studio arts.

When she’s not creating award-winning designs, Kelsey enjoys painting, gaming, Harry Potter and Japanese animation. “I’m just kind of a nerd,” she says of herself, which makes her a perfect fit in the Paulsen creative department.