A farm kid raised outside of Faulkton, South Dakota, with a strong penchant for writing, Talisa Buchholz still finds herself enamored by the creative tension rooted in the experience of farming.

“You plant that seed, and hope and pray that mother nature and God give you something in return,” she says. “I enjoy being tied to those roots.”

Talisa joined the creative team at Paulsen as a content writer, and she feels very much at home in a role that pairs her passion for agriculture with her highly skilled background as a writer.

“What I enjoy most is learning about people and topics of interest,” says Talisa when reflecting on her writing process, “and then helping others learn through whatever I write.”

“We’re thrilled to have Talisa on our team,” says Paulsen President & CEO Marcus Squier. “Even in her first month, we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients. That speaks volumes about her ag background and the communication toolbox she brings to the role.”

Talisa has fashioned herself as a storyteller ever since childhood, when she would take on the role of editor with her friends as together they would mock up their own publications using clippings from old magazines and newspapers.

Once in high school, Talisa helped renew a long-dormant FFA chapter in Faulkton. She ultimately gravitated toward communications-related activities within the ag organization, although that’s not to say she didn’t show her share of prize animals between her participation there and through 4-H.

Talisa graduated from South Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications and landed at VistaComm in Sioux Falls. She worked on everything from conducting field interviews to writing feature articles to copyediting—not to mention photography and layout—over the course of her five years with the marketing agency.

She also spent several years working for Profile by Sanford as a communication specialist prior to arriving at Paulsen.

“Talisa is going to be a great asset for our team, both on technical writing projects as well as creative endeavors,” says Chief Strategic Officer Mark Smither. “That kind of versatility is extremely valuable.”

Now Talisa lives in Tulare, South Dakota, with her husband, Aaron. She loves photography, enjoys baking and has cycled the entirety of the 109-mile George S. Mickelson Trail in the Black Hills multiple times.