Paulsen welcomed Megan Smith as Media Specialist on March 2, 2020.

“Megan is a fantastic addition to our Technology and Engagement team,” says President Sara Steever.

A Sioux Falls native, Smith is a 2019 graduate of the University of South Dakota. Following graduation, she was a marketing intern at Sanford Health. “Her education in marketing and business analytics, her certifications and her time at Sanford Health give us even better insight into our campaigns and optimizing media for our clients,” Steever comments.

As a media specialist, Smith brings unique insight in executing comprehensive and strategic media campaigns, initiating vital brand awareness across multiple channels for Paulsen clients. “I really enjoy evaluating how campaigns have run and putting that into a visual for our clients to help them understand how their media is performing.”

While her work is both exciting and fulfilling, it’s the people at Paulsen that she truly appreciates. “All the people have been very helpful,” Smith says. “Some of the people that I don’t even work with on a daily basis have come into my office and checked in on me and asked how my day was going. Everyone is just very personable.” She laughs, “And everyone is so smart!”

The people of Paulsen feel the same about her. Steever says, “She fits right into our culture and just rolls with all of the challenges of everyone working remotely. We are glad she is on Team Paulsen!”