When a former college roommate gave him the heads up that Paulsen was hiring for a position in its finance office, Jack Wenner figured it was worth applying.

His first impressions of the agency did not disappoint.

“I could tell this was a place where I wanted to be,” recalls Jack following his initial interview. There was something about the culture — the way employees interacted with one another and a shared sense of purpose. “It seemed like a great opportunity.”

Jack started working as the Accounts Payable Specialist this summer and has quickly fit into the culture at Paulsen.

“It goes without saying that in order to run a smooth, efficient business operation, you have to manage finances with great attention to detail,” says Marcus Squier, President & CEO at Paulsen. “Jack brings that much-needed level of accuracy to our finance team, and he does that with a great attitude. We’re glad to have him at Paulsen.”

A career in accounting has been on Jack’s radar since high school, and he enjoys the challenges he gets to tackle in his new role. “There’s a sense of satisfaction you get from solving a problem,” he says. “Getting to that solution is so satisfying.”

Jack also enjoys the chance to connect with colleagues both in and outside of the office. He played on the Paulsen kickball team this summer and is a trivia night regular with co-workers at a local bar in Sioux Falls.

“It’s nice going to a place where you like all of your co-workers,” he says. “That just doesn’t happen everywhere.”